Where We Are

UniSA Eagles American Football Club train at UniSA Mawson Lakes campus located on Mawson Lake Blvd Monday and Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:00pm

Club History

The Eagles first fielded a team in the 1986/87 season, which was the second year of competitive Gridiron in South Australia. The Eagles burst onto the scene with a 14-12 win over the Port Adelaide Spartans. On the way to a berth in the play-offs, they scored a historic 54-0 win over the Southern Long Horns (now known as the Southern District Oilers).

During the 1990s the club struggled with a shortage of players, coaches and general support. Although they had limited on-field success, the Eagles maintained their competitive spirit and strong sense of pride.

During the 2000's the Eagles were still one of the strongest clubs in the league for player numbers and growing strength in supporters. With their strong presence around the league we had many of our players represent the state and Nation in the sport.

During the 2010's the Eagles joined forces with University of South Australia, becoming the UniSA Eagles American Football Club. the Eagles climbed to the top of Gridiron SA with senior premierships in 2010 and 2012, as well as Junior Premierships in 2012 and 2014.


The following list of players have been recognised for their service to the club either as a player or leader in some way.

They are true Eagles in every way...


Carl Heyne 

Trevor Seebohm

Micah Lord

Graham Bryant

Gary Heyne

Jason Gabel

Yousef Musallam

Retired Jerseys

48 - Trevor Seebohm

78 - Graham Bryant

84 - Carl Heyne

Outback Representation

The highest level of American Football within Australia is playing on the national stage – the Australian Outback! This is the ‘best of the best’ within Gridiron Australia and representatives are considered to be elite in their positional groups and regarded as the best players throughout the country.

 We are proud that our club has a rich history of Outback representation at Developmental, Junior and Senior levels with several players donning the green and gold across multiple campaigns such as, but not limited to; World Championships and International Tournaments and across multiple positional groups including WR, DB, DL and OL.

 The added bonus of this representation ensures that we maintain a high level of skill transfer and knowledge within our club and are able to provide support to those who take their game to the highest level within the country and sometimes beyond!