Which competition do you play in?

     We are part of the Gridiron Association of South Australia - GASA

How many teams are in the league?

     5 teams -UniSA Eagles... Adelaide Uni Razorblacks... Port Adelaide Spartans... South City Chiefs... Southern Districts Oilers

How old do I have to be to play?

     Seniors is 18+ and Juniors is 14+.

When is the season?

     Seniors - We play from September to December with preseason starting July... Juniors season will be February to April.

Do I need my own equipment to play?

     No... We supply rookies with the equipment they need to start including pads, helmet, Jersey etc... The only thing you will need is your football boots.

What if I don't know the rules?

     We have good coaches who will show you the correct technique to play this sport and won't put you on the field unless they are happy you are safe to play.

Where do you play your games?

     We currently play at the Riverside Rugby Oval in Port Adelaide.

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